It’s been a great October in Class 4. We have seen a multitude of challenges with many students choosing to take on work themselves and go the extra mile to further their development.


In Science class this month we have focused on understanding animal and human life. We have been able to analyze the different parts of animals and humans and suggest their usefulness as well as touching upon how these features may have developed over time. Furthermore, we have been able to discuss and identify how different animals may be grouped together and how living things grow as they age. Impressively, we were able to deeply cover the human life cycle and understand the process from embryo to adult.


Social Studies has been our most expansive subject this month and has allowed the students to understand communities and as well as the natural world around them. We have been able to strengthen the idea that good people are the anchor of any good community as well as identify the importance of social benefits such as police, roads and street lighting which allows our society to run. Furthermore, we have examined the different types of terrain on Earth and what makes our planet unique. The students were able to link this to sustainability and the notion that we should always look after our planet by reducing waste and treating our land with respect. Students had a good look at the water cycle and how ocean water travels inland to produce rain – it was a particularly relatable topic given the geography of Taiwan!


Reading class has been very challenging. Students began to understand historical accounts, informative texts, writing in first-person and fairy tales. I was really impressed by the ability of students to understand cliffhangers and process driven writing. This has armed them with a greater arsenal of writing styles which they can now use to describe everyday situations. We took on our new writing project format by first analyzing ‘Jack & The Beanstalk’ and breaking down the sections of the story. We then used this format and applied it to our own characters to produce a plan for story-writing. By the end of this period, students should begin to have a stronger grasp of planning and drafting which will drive them to take ownership of their writing.


Overall, it has been a really varied and progressive month. Students have been pushed and pulled in multiple directions and have come out stronger and with more belief in their own abilities. Over the course of next month, we will begin to develop these skills and harness this determination to produce great writing, innovative ideas and, an environment of perseverance, enthusiasm and excellence.