October brought with it a real chance for students to step out of their comfort zones and take responsibility for their own work. There have been so many highlights in this month and I have seen many students dig their feet into the dirt and drive to outdo themselves.


In Science, we have covered a broad range of material concerning animals and humans: life cycles, body parts, fundamentals for survival and classification. However, as a class, we have gone above and beyond the curriculum to look at food chains in the animal world and how they are linked to human needs. Furthermore, we have discussed food groups and identified the correct balance. Perhaps most impressively, we have begun to deeply understand how our bodies work and analyzed the chemical reactions that allow them to function. Each student now has a strong understanding of what is required for survival and most importantly, why that is so. Science has been an expansive subject this month and given students the opportunity to broaden their horizons.


Our Social Studies class has been a lesson of morality and responsibility this October. We have examined the earth and the importance of sustainability as well as identified the different terrain we can find on our planet. The class has really been able to understand the importance of environmental responsibility as well as how the Earth betters our life through natural resources and the water cycle. We have looked at how the earth changes over time and linked our unique planet to human activity and development. Social Studies has drawn together many familiar concepts and allowed the class to understand the relevance of our planet and human life.


Our Reading class has been especially challenging with a key focus on understand writing forms and proper expression in reading. We have looked at historical texts and broken down the key distinctions between that and a purely informative text. Furthermore, we have taken steps to critique our reading material by evaluating structure. We have also explored fables and fairy tales and begun the more difficult process of writing a story which teaches a lesson. This has pushed a lot of students to bring a lot of foresight to their Reading and Writing classes and has allowed them to not only plan their writing from a plot-driven perspective but also thematically. It will be another week before we complete our first writing project and I am excited to see the results of their hard work and thought!


As a whole, Class 4A has improved dramatically over the course of this month. Many members have driven themselves to new heights; there is an air of friendly academic competition; and, students who were struggling before have shown the raw determination and discipline to help themselves succeed. I am proud to be teaching this class and have students who have shown, this month, that their potential to improve is matched only by their boundless energy and enthusiasm.