October 2016 – Level 2A


Hello Parents!


The second month of the school year has come to an end! We have been studying a good variety of topics including transportation, community, weather and autumn/ Halloween.


During week 1 we learned about the different forms of transport we can take and what public transport is. Week 2 was all about community workers, we discussed people such as police officers, fireman, doctors and MRT workers. Week 3 involved naming all the different kinds of weather and the characteristics associated with the type of weather, we also dived into weather phenomena like typhoons and earthquakes. During week 4 we took an in depth look at the season autumn, the weather we can experience during this time, what activities we can do and what happens to plants and animals throughout the season. We also took the opportunity to learn about Halloween, this was a fun topic that we could tie in to the school event at the end of the week!


Week 1’s main goal was to familiarize the students to new vocabulary related to how we can transport ourselves around the world. We created categories such as air, land, sea and public transport so that the students could clearly understand the difference in how they move and what their purpose is. Students learned vocabulary such as train, helicopter, ship, boat and motorcycle and we used picture cards to really help solidify the images/ new words. Students enjoyed creating a new mode of transport based on what we have learned; they had to think about how it moves and what its purpose is. For the themed roleplay we used A3 maps of the world and travelled to and from destinations using the appropriate mode of transport.


During week 2 we learned about the community and what different workers roles are within it! We discussed new words such as fireman, police officer, MRT worker and doctor and we talked about what they do to help a community. Students created a character profile for their chosen worker, drawing them accurately and writing about their trademarks; for example a police officer helps keep us safe.


Week 3 was all about weather and differentiating the different kinds, we even made roleplay actions to show the characteristics of the weather. We discussed different phenomena such as rainbows and typhoons and we analyzed what weather makes these phenomena. We roleplayed our weather actions to drill vocabulary and have a fun time!


Week 4 tied in well with our Alexander Academy Halloween event where we practiced songs, trick or treating and other fun games/ crafts. Students learned all about the vocabulary associated with the holiday and we even made our own masks! As well as this we learned all about autumn and what changes happen during the season. Students got crafty and got to learn how to mix autumn paint colors and paint their own tree.


It’s been a fun and productive month for 2A class, let’s keep it up!




Teacher Harry