October 2016 – Level 3A


Dear Parents,


October was a really busy month in L3A and it was the month when students became much more familiar with our routines and the ways we do things in class. Students have made new friends in the classroom and they enjoy working together. From now on, we will manage to achieve more in the classroom and I am expecting great improvement from the students!


During our first week of the month, we studied Transportation. Students greatly enjoyed the combined science and role-play classes when they got to create their own paper transportation, build a city of blocks and drive their cars on the roads, fly their planes from an airport to another or navigate their trains on the tracks.


Our second week was dedicated to the study of our Community. Students learned the important roles people play in their community and how they can help in the environment they live in. In science, students create a map of their neighborhood before writing details about it during our Journal class. Attached, you will find a writing sample of In My Community.


During our third week, we discussed Weather and students had a lot to add to our brainstorm and conversations. We were able to discuss several weather patterns and phenomena, temperatures and even natural disasters. During our role-play, students were meteorologists as they wrote their very own weather forecast. They were then weather reporters, presenting their forecast on television, in front of the rest of the class. Attached, you can find a writing sample of Weather, in which students were writing about the different elements they have learned and now know about weather.


Finally, it was our last week of the month and we learned about Fall & Halloween. Has it was the time for us to celebrate Halloween at school, we also discussed what holidays are and when we have them. In science and writing classes, students created their very own holidays and they made a poster to invite their friends. Attached, you can find a writing sample of My New Holiday.


Week after week, we also keep on working on our Phonics, Sight Words and Reading. Students all developing stronger skills in all areas and they are slowly becoming more independent readers. They enjoy our Songbirds books and they show great comprehension skills.




Teacher Mary