October 2016 – Level 4


Dear Parents,


We’ve accomplished a lot this past month! Students have been introduced to our new Writing Project which has challenged and stretched their writing abilities. The students have risen to the challenge nicely.



Moving on from plants, we’ve applied what we learned about life cycles to animals and people. We learned that not all plants and animals grow and change at the same rate and there are several terms for labelling this growth at the different stages. For example, a child grows from a teenager into a young adult, into an adult, and then to a senior adult.


Social Studies

After discussing the roles and terms of our Community helpers, we began to brainstorm about the different feelings we feel when we move to a new place. Students agreed that we would feel sad, excited, happy, nervous, or all four! There are many different reasons why we move, including new job opportunities for our parents, as well as to be closer to our families.


Reading and Writing

4A has become familiarized with several more Reading Skills, including “Drawing Conclusions from Details”, “Author’s Purpose”, and “Story Structure”. We read our first biography, Tomas Rivera, and learned what a biography was. After reading about how Tomas had a library named after him, students wrote a short story about what they would like to have named after themselves.



We’ve dug deeper into our research with a focus on Vertebrates and Invertebrates, to correlate with our Science lessons. We also elaborated on what it means to be a mammal versus a reptile or amphibian. We carried out large brainstorms on all the traits of different fish and birds. This week we will begin our study on Australian animals!


Students are learning many new concepts at a quick pace and they are handling the changes well. Patience and practice are essential for students to master these new skills, a positive attitude and lots of encouragement from parents will ensure they reach their goals.




Teacher Carly