October 2016 – Level 5


Dear Parents,


The second month has been both interesting and productive for the students! We have started our research class, conducted some practical Science experiments and discussed some fun topics in Social Studies.



Octobers Science class has been based on Animals. Students have learned about how mammals, reptiles, birds and amphibians differentiate from each other and the characteristics associated with the animal type, we also discussed certain rule exceptions such as Platypus and dolphins. We also learned about how animals can adapt and evolve to meet their needs, students can now identify different body parts and relate it to its practical use. This month we conducted an experiment to try and find out which “bird beak” works best in certain environments such as deep water, shallow water and “grass”. Students used chopsticks, ladles and spoons to represent different shaped beaks and tried and pick up marbles and seeds.


Social Studies

Social studies has proved to be very interesting this month! We have learned about different landforms such as peninsulas and valleys and what factors contribute to their creation. We have also learned about the weather and climate of different parts of the world and how geographical location and land size can affect the areas climate.


Reading & Writing

We read Henry and Mudge over the yellow moon and Spiders Diary. We took the time to analyze the characters and how they could change throughout the plot. During Journal class we have started our new project! Students are writing a story about a vacation they have taken, focusing on comparing and contrasting their own opinions and experiences. Students have planned out their story, highlighting a clear beginning, middle and end, as well as highlighting what content will be included in the story (what, where, when, how, why).



Research topic has been really fun this month with us focusing on the automobile. The first week introduced the invention of the first petrol car/ engine and what features it boasted. We then progressed to the first ever racing car, how they look different to current sporting cars and how they performed. Students also learned about the history behind the first organized races in the USA and how they envied the European drivers.


Keep up the good work level 5!




Teacher Harry