November has been a month of significant progress in Level 4. Several individuals have really stepped up in weekly assessments and many have taken steps to improve their weekly homework. Additionally, the class has adapted marvelously to our new writing project and has developed a mature and independent attitude.


This month, in Science class, we worked on understanding different environments on the planets and the consequences of their deterioration. We explored the forest and rainforest biomes by examining plant and animal life in this setting while asking ourselves questions about the significance of tress to human survival and economic prosperity. Following this, we took a look at desert wildlife and analyzed the adaptations found in the animals that make the desert their habitat. We looked deeply into the problem of desertification and affirmed human reliance on plant life for survival. This month, science has been an opportunity to look at how nature plays massive part in the lives of human beings.


In Social Studies, students were asked to examine, Taipei, Taiwan and our neighboring countries. This led to fueled discussions around not only the geography of these lands but also their functioning. We used 7/11 as an example to better understand the economic flow within large communities but also to understand how Taiwan influences and is influenced by other countries. We were able to look at our neighbors and examine the benefits they offer Taiwanese citizens as well as the benefits we offer them. Additionally, we discussed the possibility of conflict and how nations resolve issues between them without damaging their own interests.


Reading and Writing have been an important part of our class this month with the students moving onto their second writing project: Plants vs Animals. This is an opportunity for the class to combine themes they explored earlier in the year and put them into a formal writing context. I have asked each member of the class to produce a piece of writing comparing and contrasting plants and animals that include examples from each category. This will serve as an informative piece of writing which will allow students to explore a more rigid form of writing. Overall, the class performed remarkably well in their last assignment so I am looking forward to see how this assignment develops and what they are able to produce over the next few weeks.


November has been a solid month for Class 4. Many individuals have corrected their behavior and had the discipline to be able to succeed in class whilst others have worked their hardest to make the most of every lesson. I have been really encouraged by the attitude of the class and have seen significant improvement in many areas. I am excited by this new found determination and expect great things in the future from them.