November has been an exciting month with a wide range of challenges, improvements to the classroom environment and some spectacular individual efforts. Class 4A has taken a firm grip of the curriculum and is moving forward with fortitude and resolve!


In Science this month, we have begun our 3 week biome project where we analyze plant and animal life in multiple environments while assessing the impact of these settings on human life. We began by looking at woodland and rainforests where we understood the interaction between trees and deers and how their lifecycles intertwine to each other’s benefit. Following this, we examined the impact of invasive insects on the east coast of America and their potential influence on local, national and international people. We then looked at deserts and how animals have adapted behaviorally and physically to the harsh climate around them. We investigated the effects of desertification and understood the scarcity of soil on our earth. Science was an opportunity to tie together pieces of knowledge and understand the greater impact of our surroundings this month.


Our November Social Studies class was filled with geography and socio-economic issues. This month, the students were able to grasp the structure of cities and suburbs whilst appreciating the significance of international trade & relations. Students were able to develop ideas about how Taiwan benefits the countries around them and what we gain from the flexibility to travel. Furthermore, the class began to understand why businesses choose to set up shops in busy locations and why people move to certain cities for employment. Social Studies has allowed the class to expand their horizons and begin to understand basic economic ideas.


We started our second writing project this month with a focus on combining ideas that we have previously covered. This month, students were tasked with producing a piece of informative writing that compares and contrasts plants and animals. They were all required to think carefully about the elements that make up a plant and provide an example they could explain in their writing. Furthermore, they were tasked with writing in a different style in order to make their writing more credible. I was very pleased with the outcome of the last writing project and saw significant improvement in the standard presented to me. Our new format is already yielding results and I am excited to see where project 2 takes us.


As a whole, Class 4A has succeeded in the classroom this month. They have all been active participants and absorbed ideas that have the potential to change their perspective. All members have put in a great deal of effort in improving themselves and overcoming the challenges that I have presented to them. I am extremely proud of the class and have nothing but praise for the individuals that make it up.