Hello everyone! Hope this newsletter finds you well and dandy! November was an exciting month of progress, as students have really gotten used to our classroom dynamic and setting. Everyone has contributed so much to our learning group thus far.  This month our themes included Seasons, Plants, Flowers & Seeds, Animals, and Bugs, which all encompassed the integration of past learning.

This month in Science class we worked on a month long project which was a great success. Students were able to plant their own green bean seed, which directly related to our “Plants” theme. Students filled out a daily ‘Plant Journal’ and had to keep an eye on how their plant progressed day by day. Everyone was quite enthusiastic and noticed every small detail about how much their seed grew. Students were also able to sort animal cards into separate sections for parents and offspring, learning new baby animal vocabulary (puppy).

For Phonics we continued working with our speed reading abilities. Students reviewed past word blends, such as L I T, as well as looking at our new blends S I P and S A L. We have been able to integrate our phonetic blending skills to our Rhyme subject. Students have begun to read out what sounds they understand during Rhyme time. This has facilitated our comprehension of many rhyme words, which has been a wonderful addition to our vocabulary. Students did especially well reading “The Sunflower”.

For Reading class, we read many books that were integral to getting a better understanding our weekly themes. One of the more popular books we looked at was a book about gardens and garden animals. Students took turns guessing what animal was hiding behind a plant. We also read about foxes and their dens, this helped students understand how animals live and are similar to humans.

Our Theme Role-Plays this month were also exciting. One of our weekly role-plays was “Movie Theater”, students were able to attend a fun movie screening. They practiced buying their movie tickets and snacks from our theater concession stand! Another fun role-play was our “Veterinarian” experience. Each student took the role of vet and had to give a health check up to a pet monkey. The students were able to use their vocabulary from past themes and our Animal theme to describe any ailment our pet was suffering.

2A is marching on! November was a great month to expand our minds and really put energy into building a strong foundation in terms of vocabulary and thought process. Let’s keep it up!