Hello everyone! November marks our third month of hard work and motivation. 5A has continued to work towards many of our language building goals! We have had a successful month of grammar, writing, and critical thinking progress, as well as creating a harmonious learning environment in the classroom.


This month for Science we begun a new chapter about ‘Animal Life Cycles and focused on how living things develop and change with time. Another focus was analyzing how different kinds of animals, such as amphibians or birds, have different life cycles and different life characteristics. One of our monthly experiments included “Animal Lengths”, students were able to compare and contrast animal lengths. They were able to use yarn to measure length at birth and length when grown, in order to dialogue about how animals change and evolve. In our Social Studies class we looked at ‘Weather and Climate’ and how climate affects/creates jobs. We also delved into regions and different ways that they can be categorized (language/religion).


In Journal/Writing class we began our November writing project, which was focused on using descriptive language. Our prompt dealt with what you would do if you found an empty building. Each student came up with unique and quirky ideas and worked hard on their grammar and story structure. Everyone did a great job completing their writing project.


In Grammar class, we have been reviewing Nouns and “One and More Than One”, as well as integrating our grammar rules into our writing project. In Reading class, we read “Diary of a Spider” which helped understand cause and effect within writing. We continued with our animal theme, by looking at morals and fables and their importance in literature. One of the fables was “A Swallow and a Spider”, the moral being “A wise man will not try something he is not able to do.”


As mentioned in the last newsletter, for Research we finished a scavenger hunt, which in turn laid the foundation for our November Poster project. We have been working hard at researching endangered animals, and creating a poster, which we will present, in order to share information about what is causing animal numbers to dwindle and what can be done to help.


Let’s keep moving 5A!