As November passes through it has brought to us some cool fall weather and some fun themes to learn at Alexander Academy!  This month our theme covered plants, flowers, seeds, and animals.  In addition to our theme learning we have begun our preparations for our Christmas Community Carnival.


A theme we covered this month was plants.  We started with basic parts of a plant.  We discussed how the seed grows into a small plant and that the plant reproduces to make more copies of its self.  From there our focus was about photosynthesis, the process by which plants make their food and in return provide us and the rest of the living things on Earth clean air.  We learned that plants also give us materials for us to use on a daily basis; such as, paper, tissues, and wood for furniture.


Another theme we talked about was flowers and seeds.  This theme allowed us to take a more detailed look into the life cycle of a seed and how the parts of a flower played a role in the survival of the plant.  We learned the term germinate and how to use it to describe the growth of a seed into a seedling.  Our science experiment to prove this process is still ongoing and it is a fascinating process to observe.  We had a fun time in role play for this theme by pretending to be pollinators visiting different flowers helping with the pollination process. We learned where the eggs are stored with the flower, why the petals are so colorful, and where the pollen is made.


The last theme we covered to round out November was animals.  We had a great time talking about the animals we were familiar and how to appropriately classify them.  We learned about mammals, insects, amphibians, fish, reptiles, and birds.  We had three big words for this theme; vertebrate, invertebrate, and exoskeleton. A vertebrate is an animal that has a backbone; whereas, an invertebrate does not have a backbone.  An exoskeleton is a hard outer shell that protects the animal.  Insects are the only classification of animals that have an exoskeleton!


Our phonics and sight words learning is rolling right along.  This month we saw letter blends that include the letter /l/(bl, fl, gl, pl, sl).  This phonics sound is a nice change after practicing so well on the /th/ sound.  For our sight words class our pace of learning has picked up.  We have reached eight sight words a week and the days of the week have now sprung up.  This provides an opportunity to recognize correct spelling on a daily basis.  Our English learning has no place to go but to continue up from here.  The sky’s the limit!