November has definitely been a month full of autumnal weather.  With the shifting of the seasons our learning objectives have shifted towards a deeper understanding of English.

Grammar & Spelling

     In grammar class we have covered nouns in both their singular and plural forms and were introduced to verbs in the present tense.  These lessons have allowed us to focus on creating correct and complete sentences to use in both our writing and conversations.  We learned about the special rule on how pluralize nouns and how to conjugate verbs ending in -s, -sh, -x, -ch, and -y.  Our spelling class has been focusing on double vowel sounds. Remembering these sounds can be tricky because they are always changing based on the consonants that surround them.  That hasn’t stopped our students’ ability to spell, pronounce, and use these words in wonderful ways.


In science class we learned about the various animal life cycles.  Mammals develop differently that all the other animals. It was fascinating to learn that amphibian babies completely change form as they grow into adults.  Then we moved into identifying traits of us.  Traits determine what we look like and the abilities we possess.  Our next science topic covered what things organisms need to survive.  Once we understood our basic needs we learned why animals compete for these needs and what affect it has when one of the needs is not met.

Social Studies

In social studies class, we were introduced to the concept of economics.  The students had fun time learning how an economy can change quickly and what influences those changes.  We illustrated this point by talking about a sock factory and how to generate profit if there is little demand. From there we study the beginning of what a government can look like using the United States as our model.  It was a very engaging and interesting class.

Reading & Writing

In writing class, the students have completed their first writing project.  Our topic was a compare and contrast of the seasons.  We created a brainstorm of the four seasons that expressed when they occur, what activities we can do, and why we like one time of year more than another.

In reading class, we completed a story that illustrated the comprehension skill of cause and effect.  This reading skill it what will be used in their next writing project.