November 2016 – Level 3A


Dear Parents,


November was a fun month in L3A as we study living things and students were able to use the knowledge learned every week to build new knowledge the following week. Students were greatly engaged in the classroom and they enjoyed successfully combining their reading and writing skills with more interactive and hands-on activities.


During our first week of the month, we study Seasons and their impacts on all living things. It allowed us to review weather patterns and temperatures as well. We discussed the life cycles of animals and trees through the seasons. As this was a shorter week, we combined our writing and role-play classes in order to write something as a class and act it out in groups later. Students enjoyed coming up in front of their classmates to read and act out what they had written.


Our second week was dedicated to the study of Plants. After briefly discussing the life cycle of plants through the seasons, we studied plants more in depth. We discussed the parts of a plant and the functions of each part. Students had a lot to learn on the topic and they were happy to share what they knew. Attached you may find an example of our science and writing classes about The Parts of a Plant.


During our third week, we continued to study plants, but this time with a greater focus on Flowers. Again, we studied the different parts and functions and spent most of our time understanding pollination. Our role-play that week was a lot of fun for the students as they had to be flowers; attracting insects and trading the pollen in order to form new seeds. In science class, we also reviewed the 4 needs of a plant and students got to complete a science experiment where everyone got to plant seeds. Attached you can find the writing exercise that followed our lesson about The Needs of a Plant.


Finally, it was our last week of the month and we learned about Animals. This was an interesting theme for the students and everyone was greatly motivated in the classroom. Attached is an example of our Animal Research which helped the students not only learn about animals, but also develop their reading and writing skills. Our role-play was also a fun time as students took the Animal Yes or No challenge seriously and offered a great and healthy level of competition.


Once again this week, students showed a great progress in their Phonics and they are now able to read new blends and more difficult words. In Sight Words, we are now taking on more weekly words and students have showed their ability to successfully learn them all. We are also progressing well in our Reading classes as students show great skills and outstanding reading comprehension.




Teacher Mary