November 2016 – Level 4A

Dear Parents,


November was an excellent month in L4A and it gave us a good idea of what the school year will look like. Students are becoming more independent but most important they are more engaged in the lessons. I see them all progress so well and I am happy with how they are doing right now.



In Science we began a new chapter and focused on the human body. During the first week, we study the body parts and their functions, spending a lot of time to understand our 5 senses. During the second week, we discussed the importance of a healthy diet and a good life style. We talked about getting enough sleep and exercising. Students really enjoyed making popcorn to learn about our 5 senses and describe the way we experience the changes between corn kernel and popcorn.


Social Studies

In Social Studies, we continued learning about our planet and we first studied natural resources. In class, we discussed why nature resources are important for humans but also why we should reduce our consumption and save resources. During our second week of the month, we study weather and seasons and we discussed how people must adapt for different weather and temperatures throughout the year. Our last week was dedicated to the differentiation of cities, towns and suburbs. Students were then able to define all three and what they can find in each of them.


Reading and Writing

In Reading we started working with a new skill which was the author’s purpose. We discussed why people write books, stories, articles and much more and what their intent is. When then read Where Does Food Come From? which completed perfectly our science lesson that week. As our first Writing Project was completed, students got to be creative writers and write about their favorite movies and what they would do if they could be a part of it. We then read Tomás Rivera which served as in introduction to our second Writing Project. Students have now begun their writing of I Step into a Book… Attached to this newsletter, you can find some example of last month’s writing project Getting a New Pet.



In research class, we finished our study of continents and oceans and moved on to the study of the weather around the world. Both our Social Studies and Research classes combined the study of weather, temperatures, seasons and the important issue of global warming. During our last week of the month, we began our study of countries and first learned about Taiwan. Every week until the end of the school year, we will study a new country; U.S.A, Canada and Mexico being the next countries on our list.


Keep up the good work, L4A!




Teacher Mary