November 2016 – Level 5


Dear Parents,


The third month has been very productive for the students! We have had the opportunity to further build upon last month’s progress and continued to push ourselves with new knowledge.



Novembers Science class has been based on different environments and habitats that animals can life in. Students have learned about how habitats are formed and the different ways animals can adapt to living in these contrasting landscapes. Students had the opportunity to arrange different animals into their correct environment by simply looking at the animals features; this helped the students understand the importance of animal adaptation. We also produced an experiment by creating our own stream environment using clay, stones, rocks and water. Students had to make the most animal friendly habitat and explain why.


Social Studies

Social studies has once again proved to be very interesting this month! We have learned about different resources such as renewable, nonrenewable and natural; this has been very useful considering it is an important issue in the modern world. Students have also discussed what the consequences can be if we use nonrenewable sources. We have also discussed the term culture, custom and heritage and how it can affect not only there family but a country.


Reading & Writing

We have read Spider and the Swallow which is a theatre style story where the students got to experiment with different voice tones and characteristics to interpret the characters. This was a very fun activity as it is something we haven’t covered yet! Students have also had the opportunity to discuss the term fable and moral, allowing them to try and incorporate these factors into their own story.



This month we have been focusing on the development of the motorcycle. We have looked at the first ever motorcycle and how it is different from modern day bikes. Students have learned about how motorcycle production was driven by WW1 and influenced heavily by WW2. As well as this we have researched chopper style bikes and their strong cultural significance. Students can also identify some of the basic parts that allow a motorcycle to mechanically run such as, carburetor, gas tank, sprocket and engine.


Keep up the good work level 5!




Teacher Harry