December has been a very busy month. Students have directed their energy at reinforcing past concepts and themes from previous lessons. December was such an exhilarating month, as we entered winter season and were able to celebrate Christmas!  Our themes included Winter/Christmas, Dinosaurs, Friendship, and Police/Firefighters.


This month in Science class we explored our Christmas theme with our experiment “The Smells of Christmas” where students were able to learn about how scents can remind them of holidays. We smelled cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg and other spices, which students correlated to certain foods (i.e. cake, bread, tea).We looked at how certain smells can bring back special memories especially during the holidays. We also had the chance to create our own dinosaur fossils during our “Dinosaur” themed week. Students were able to look at different types of dinosaurs and use small plastic models to imprint on coffee based clay to make their own unique fossils.


For Phonics we wrapped up working with the letter N and began looking at the letter B and its phonetic properties and sounds. Students have improved at recognizing how certain similar sounds are actually different and serve unique phonetic purposes. Students have been integrating their Phonics skills into our rhymes and songs. This past month we worked hard at learning two special Christmas songs “Feliz Navidad” and “Jingle Bell Rock” and a very fun and catchy song “Brachiosaurus Song” for our Dinosaur themed week.


For Reading class, one of the most impacting stories was read during our Friendship themed week, named “Feelings”. The book dealt with different emotions, so students were able to look at different vocabulary they could use to express their feelings such as jealousy and frustration. This story also helped students look at ways they could deal with their feelings as well as empathize with their classmates and friends, which was a major lesson during this theme. Students also read a book “How Dinosaurs Go to School”, which integrated both classroom etiquette and dinosaur based ideas and vocabulary.


Our Role-Plays this month were also integral. One of our weekly role-plays was “Friendship Web”, where students were able to create a strong friendship web with yarn by complimenting each of their classmates. They practiced using friendly adjectives such as “You are a kind and helpful classmate.” Another exciting role-play was our “Christmas Day” experience. Students drank delicious hot cocoa and role-played a fun snowball-fight.


This month was full of wonderful and convivial winter experiences. 2A is continuing their march forward and expanding their English every step of the way.