December has been an action-filled and varied month. Class 4 have been preparing for Christmas and the New Year as well as continuing with their topics in class. Once again, several students have developed individually in remarkable ways and others have been able to keep up their consistent excellence. It’s been an exciting and rewarding month for Class 4.


This month, in Science class, we have covered a number of interesting topics. We have understood how river systems work as well as how human beings prevent flooding from happening. In addition, we have continued to identify and understand complex habitats such as ponds where ecosystems hang on the smallest of hinges. We have looked at the earth’s seismic activity and understood how volcanoes form as well as the effects of volcanic eruptions. In addition, we have carefully examined the rock cycle to understand how mountains form and the different classification of rocks that they contain. It has been an extremely active month in Science and the kids have responded well to the hands-on features of our learning.


In Social Studies, students have looked at different aspects of economic activity. We have understood the different between goods and services. Furthermore, we have looked at the advantages of one over the other. We have explored economic structures and how industry is built up in our home country as well. We have looked intensely at the concept of money and purpose it serves as well as the old fashioned alternative of ‘bartering’. There has been a significant amount of growth from the kids to be able to understand complex concepts in an elementary form.


In Reading class, students focused their efforts on drawing conclusions as well as looking at development over time. Students were able to use small pieces of information to form ideas about the texts they were examining as well as images presented to them. They focused on understanding how technology develops over time after reading about the differences between what we have now and what we had 50 years ago. In writing, we have begun our new writing project which will be a persuasive piece titled ‘Dream Holiday Brochure’. Students have had to combine ideas for a perfect holiday with realisms like cost, transportation and special offers. It will be a chance for kids to combine creativity with knowledge as well as inject purpose into their writing. I have focused on persuasive sentence structures that capture the audience’s attention.


December has been an excellent month. All the kids performed excellently at the Christmas event and really took onboard the spirit of the holiday. Class time has been filled with exciting experiences and many students have discovered many aspects of the earth and society that they were not aware of. As the writing structure becomes more set in stone, students are developing exceptionally in their ability to create text and with that has come independence. Well done Class 4!