December has been filled with progress in Class 4A with some stand-out students really taking the time and commitment to invest in their learning. We have covered a variety of topics while exploring ideas through role-plays and scientific experiments/demonstrations.


In Science this month, we finished examining biomes by looking deeper in peculiar territories. We have understood the formation of volcanoes and how they influence the Earth’s shape as well as examined Earthquakes and the preventative measures human beings take to prevent damage. In addition, we thoroughly investigated the structure and composition of rivers while appreciating the techniques used by human beings to prevent flooding. We understood the process of dredging in particular detail. We have also looked deeply at the rock cycle and how different types of rock are formed through natural activity on the earth. This linked in with our study of volcanoes and supplemented our understanding of the Earth’s seismic activity significantly.


In Social Studies the students took to understanding different economic concepts such as supply and demand, good and services, banking and money. Students were able to understand factors that influence the need and supply of goods and differentiate between key goods and services. We looked deeper to understand different types of goods and services as well as spending a significant portion of time understanding the banking industry and how credit can affect economies. Money has been a particularly interesting topic where the students realize the true function of money and its development. We have discussed alternatives to money and conducted role plays on capitalist principles.


In reading we have looked at how to draw conclusions and the students have been able to piece together details to produce new information. In addition, we have looked deeply at the differences between old and new and how technology has developed over time. In writing, we have begun our third project with an emphasis on persuasive writing. The students have produced a brochure for a dream holiday where they have used persuasive writing techniques to convince an audience to holiday at a particular destination. Included, they will have to talk about price, special offers and the activities available to them. This has proven to be a more difficult writing task as it combines creativity, practicality and advertising to appeal to a reader.


Overall, class 4A has done well this month to continue on the right track. Many individuals have made marked improvement to their behavior and, further, many have tried their best to absorb as much as they can. I have seen consistent improvement in their attitude’s and am happy to see those who were previously unenthused by class activities begin to participate with vigour!