Dear parents, as the first semester of English school comes to an end I want to take some time to inform you about what we have been doing so far. The class has been doing great so far. During this semester we created a positive learning environment while learning from our mistakes. In spelling class the students learned a lot of new words and are able to put them in the context of a sentence they constructed themselves. By doing this, the students are having a good exercise in making a correct sentence and creating a context for a word that they understand. In grammar class we looked into the differences between nouns and pronouns and in which situations to use them. We also reviewed our knowledge about tenses and started applying new tense rules in our journal.


In science class we have been looking into environments and how they affect living and non-living things. We learned that different environments require different adaptations of living things and vice versa. We looked at a stream environment and saw how different plants and animals can adapt themselves in amazing ways. We also observed the woodland environment and concluded that animals had completely different adaptations to deal with their environment. Eventually we studied our own animal and its relationship with the environment. By the end of this semester we will present this animal in research class.


In social studies we looked into the world of customs and cultures. We started off by talking about the customs of our own families and how they might differ from each other. However, we noticed that some of our customs are very similar and come forth of our culture. We then learned that a culture is very similar to a set of customs but applied to a much bigger group of people. We talked about culture and were able to define some core aspects of the Taiwanese culture. We also noticed that cultures are becoming more and more intertwined in the face of globalization.


In reading and writing class we started our third writing project. The goal of this writing project is to talk about our experiences while integrating words, actions, and feelings. The students had to integrate all those aspects by talking about an experience or action they regret. The students then had to analyze their words, actions, and feelings and try to find a different way of dealing with a situation like that so they would not regret their own actions later on.


Kind regards,


Teacher Eli