Hey everyone! December marks the fourth month of our English journey this academic year. 5A has been working diligently and with efficacy. There has been vast growth in terms of skills and theory development as we have had the opportunity to explore new integral themes. This month students were also able to partake in our winter themed activities and Christmas Fair. I would also like to thank every student who made it out to the event and helped out during our game. It was very much appreciated!


This month for Science we continued to look at ‘Animal Environments and Habitats’. We explored how animals and humans meet their needs in different and extreme environments and how this in part correlates to adaptation. Two of the habitats we integrated into the adaptation theory were stream and woodland habitats, and students were able to categorize how different fauna and flora adapted to the unique characteristics of each. Students were also able to create their own mini ‘woodland’ habitat in the classroom, which we surveyed weekly. In our Social Studies class we began a new chapter on culture titled ‘Ways of Living” where we have began to explore the themes of tradition and culture. Students also looked at the immigration and how it has impacted world history, including the importance Ellis Island in the US.


In Journal/Writing class our main Writing Project topic was “Christmas Party Plan” where students had to lay out a Christmas party plan and use descriptive vocabulary to describe everything from party games, foods, and decorations. Students also had the chance to review the five parts of writing a friendly letter and use this to wrap-up their own versions.


For Grammar class, we have been continued reviewing Nouns, specifically special nouns ending in –es or other unique formats. In Reading class, we read “Reading Power” in order to look at sequence of events, which directly correlated to our writing theme “Christmas Party Plan”. Students also read “Animals Building Homes”, which complimented our Science and research classes.


For Research students have worked with constancy to find important information for their animal posters. Every student has taken their time to create a wonderful and aesthetically pleasing poster. Next we will practice our poster presentation in order to improve elocution.


What a great way to end the year 5A!