December 2016 – Level 3A


Dear Parents,


December was filled with celebrations, special Christmas activities, songs and so much more exciting activities! Students enjoyed learning about Christmas, but also about our other 3 themes of the month!


We began our month by concluding our study of Bugs! Students enjoyed creating their very own clay bugs in science class and they showed great understanding of the body parts and function when they wrote about their bugs in their journal. Our role-play was also very interesting as students learned how insects communicate and they even created their own language and dance.


The second week of December was dedicated to the study of both Christmas & Winter. Not only did we spend a lot of time getting ready for our Christmas Fair, but we also learned new Christmas songs and students really showed their ability to perform in front of a crowd. I was so pleased with the students work both in class and at the Fair. I was impressed and incredibly happy with their confidence, positive attitude and leadership at the Christmas Fair.


During our third week of the month, we studied Dinosaurs! It was so much fun to learn about these extinct creatures and discuss the role of paleontologists. All week, students worked on a project in all science, role-play and journal classes. First, we learned about the extinction event and how all dinosaurs died. This lead us to understand what fossils are and how they are made before making our own fossils in science class. For our role-play, students got to dig fossils and brush the sand off to find out the dinosaurs they had discovered. Finally, they wrote about the work of paleontologists and the tools they use. Attached, you can find a writing sample of Paleontology.


Finally, we got to revisit the theme of Christmas so that we could spend more time learning about the traditions of the holiday and the ways it is celebrated around the world. Students enjoyed creating gifts for their friends, wrapping presents and even being Santa! During our role-play, students took turns being children and Santa on Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning. It was so much fun to drop a present for a friend, eat a cookie and drink some milk! Attached, you can also find a few Letters to Santa written by the students.


The students’ spelling and writing abilities are coming along nicely and they are now more independent in their work. They have had a lot of fun this month, but it didn’t keep them from progressing in all language classes, including phonics, sight words and reading. Students are doing an excellent job with their reading of Songbirds and they are showing great reading comprehension.




Teacher Mary