December 2016 – Level 4A

Dear Parents,


December was another great month in L4A and students have kept on improving in all areas. They are more independent, more engaged in class and they have a great attitude towards all classroom activities.



Our fourth Science Chapter covered living and nonliving things. We first define both before studying the needs of living things. During our 3 week students showed a great understanding of the material covered while they all easily completed their Chapter review. Closing our month, we began the study of habitats and first focused on the forest. Students greatly enjoy being able to watch video of living things in their habitats as in helps comprehend what is covered in the textbooks.


Social Studies

In Social Studies, we continued learning about the planet we live on. First, we learned about the United States of America. It was interesting to compare and contrast the U.S.A and Taiwan and to learn what states and citizens are. Next, we learned about the U.S.A’s neighbors; Canada and Mexico. Again, we compared the countries we know and learned how neighbor countries are alike and different. We concluded our Unit with a review and then moved on to our third unit; the World of Work. Students now understand the different between needs and wants, and we will keep studying the way people earn and spend their money.


Reading and Writing

We began the month finishing our writing project: I Step Into a Book… which you will find an example attached to this newsletter. Students then got to be creative as they had to convince Santa to put them on the Good Children List and promise they would be good kids. Then, it was time for a new reading skill, cause & effect. This skill was introduced through the folktale Little Rabbit’s Tale. After studying the tale, students were able to identify the causes and the effects present in the story and understand how to write using this skill. We are now working on our new writing project, using causes and effects to write about My 3 wishes.



In research class, we have continued our study of countries and have now studied over 10 countries! This month, we have learned about the United States of America, Canada and Mexico. Making our way through America, we have also studied all Central American countries being, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. Students are getting more and more interested and they impress me with their previous knowledge!


Another great month, L4A!




Teacher Mary