December 2016 – Level 5


Dear Parents,


Although I have only taught the final few weeks of December, it has been really great getting to know all the students and establishing a positive relationship with each individual child and the class as a whole.



December’s science class has progressed from looking at different environments and habitats that animals can live in, to looking at different types of food chains and how animals and humans get energy. Students have learned about how all parts of the food chain are important and we even made our own food chains to hang up in the classroom! We also looked at how we classify different food types and used various supermarket brochures to create our own food pyramids.


Social Studies

In social studies we have been looking at the interesting topic of national holidays and how the U.S.A and Taiwan celebrate different and similar holidays. The students were then given the opportunity to create their own national holiday and explain why we would celebrate it and what traditions we would carry out on that day.


Reading & Writing

We have read ‘At the Pond’ which is another play style story where the students got to experiment with reading different animal characters. In writing we completed the final draft of our writing project and have begun looking at researching an animal for our next writing project.



This month we have been focusing on mountain biking and we completed a biography of a famous mountain biker. We have also begun researching surfing and the children have had great fun looking at the history of surfing and surf safety, etc.


I am really enjoying teaching level 5 and look forward to helping each and every student improve their English ability in a fun and positive way.






Teacher Ben