December 2016 – Level 2A


Dear Parents,


December was a fun, packed month of celebrations, special Christmas activities, songs and many more exciting activities in level 2A!


We began our month by concluding our study of Bugs. Students went on a bug hunt and they even got to create their very own bugs!


The second week of the month we studied Christmas & Winter! Students were practicing their Christmas songs and they did an excellent job hosting games at our Christmas Fair. We were to spend more time learning about Christmas, so we mostly discussed the winter activities, weather patterns and clothing!


During our third week of the month, we studied Dinosaurs! It was so much fun to learn about these extinct creatures and discuss the role of paleontologists. We learned about the different types of dinosaurs and how, like us, some were meat eaters, plant eaters or a combination of both. All week, students worked on the project in all science, role-play and journal classes. For our role-play, students got to dig fossils and brush the sand off to find out the dinosaurs they had discovered.


Finally, we got to revisit the theme of Christmas so that we could spend more time learning about the traditions of the holiday and the ways it is celebrated around the world. During our role-play, students enjoyed wrapping presents and decorating the classroom. We all had a lot of fun unwrapping our presents and playing Christmas games and we even had cookies and milk as we listened to and sang along with Christmas songs.


As it has been my first few weeks teaching 2A, it has been really great getting to know all the students and establishing a positive relationship with each individual child and the class as a whole.




Teacher Ben