Hello everyone! We have reached the end of the first semester. And what a productive semester it has been. Our themes for January included Doctor/Dentist, Supermarket/Post Office/Library, and Traditional Tales.


For Science class we began with a very hands-on experiment titled “Cleaning Teeth”. Students were able to understand why dentists and healthy eating are so important. We used white eggs and let them sit in Coca-Cola for three days, which turned the eggs into a yucky brown color. Students then used toothpaste and a toothbrush to clean as much of the stain away. It was a difficult task, and students realized how drinking or eating sugary foods can be problematic for our bodies. For our Supermarket theme, we looked at how food gets to our table, with our “Farm to Market” activity. Students looked at how farms and modern transportation are important in our everyday lives. For Traditional Tales, we did a very magical experiment titled “Ziploc Bag Bomb”. Students used ‘magic’ to explode a bag full of glitter while chanting “ABRACADABRA!!”


For Phonics we were able to begin on the letter C and R. We continued with word blends including C-A-N and reviewed past blends in order to reinforce our blending skills. Students have really progressed in their ability to decipher and mix letters in order to read simple words. We used these forthcoming skills to learn our rhymes of the month including “Library Books” and “Humpty Dumpty”


For Reading class, we explored our Library theme with “Curious George Visits the Library”. Students looked at how silly George did not follow the rules and instigated chaos. For our ‘Traditional Tales’ theme we read “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” which correlated to our theme quite nicely. With this book we were able to explore fantasy and how morals are important to many fables. Students shared their own favorite fables, including ‘Stone Soup’.


Our Role-Plays  included ‘Sending a Postcard to a Friend’, where we looked at why a post office is an important resource. We practiced writing postcards to our friends or family, and then we were able to send them out using a stamp. We also spent role-play preparing a puppet play based on the story “Little Red Riding Hood”. Students were able to memorize and practice dialogue, while working on fluency and syntax,


Students began their year at Alexander Academy with little to no English language skills, yet every single one of them has been able to begin to develop a basic yet strong foundation for further learning. This is just the beginning of an important educational milestone.