January marks the end of our first semester. And what a semester it has been! 5A has continued to cultivate the strong skills needed to progress in their English learning journey. Every student has shown tremendous growth in skills and development concerning their critical thinking, writing, and speaking ability. I am very proud of their performance this semester and I am confident everyone will continue to strive to do their best in the upcoming months.


This month for Science we focused our time on reviewing all of the material from previous chapters including Plant Life Cycles, Animals are Living Things, and Habitats. Students looked at all the information they have learned thus far, and were able to see how all themes are interconnected. We used this information to prepare for the upcoming semester, which will focus on a continuation of environmental themes, as well as an introduction to astrology and physics.   For Social Studies we revisited ‘Leaders’ and brainstormed what it takes to be a good leader. We also looked at specific world leaders that made a positive impact in our society, including Cesar Chavez and Gandhi. Next semester some of the themes we will look at include explorers that traveled the world, how government systems work, and comparing facts and opinions.


We were able to continue with our Journal/Writing on schedule and wrapped up our informative essay theme. This was based on creating a jungle survival plan. Students were asked to create a survival plan and focus on using descriptive terms in order to broaden their ability to describe a setting. Students also had a two week Poetry Writing project. During this time we learned how to write haiku and limerick poetry. Students even got the opportunity to share their fantastic poetry in class!


For Grammar class, we have continued with our revision of Nouns. We looked at ‘exact nouns’ and ‘pronouns’. Next semester we will continue with pronouns and begin looking at verbs. In Reading class we read the “The Ugly Vegetables”, which students found enthralling because the main characters were of Chinese descent and planted Chinese vegetables. We also continued to work on elocution, in order to build that reading fluency.


For Research students have been preparing and practicing their poster presentation. We are continuing to look at how environmental issues impact and are impacting animal life and the ecosystem as we know.


Onto the second semester 5A!