As we close out January in time for Chinese New Year, we can reflect as a class on the semester before us and look ahead to the next one. Class 4 has achieved so much in the past few months in all areas and I can only imagine what they will be like by the end of the year. Every student has gained so much confidence and so many have taken massive steps in amending their attitude and working as hard as they can consistently. I want to use this newsletter as an opportunity to talk about the things to come in semester 2.


This has been a month of immersive science review with class 4. We have solidified the curriculum in semester in preparation for midterms and the advert of semester 2. Once we arrive back in school in February, we will be taking on a host of more technically focused science topics. We will challenge ourselves with basic physics, climatology, environmental sustainability and astrology. The curriculum will diversify and allow students to see how the basic concepts they learnt in semester 1 can be applied to most things in semester 2.


In Social Studies, similar to Science, we have looked at thoroughly recapping the year and making sure key principles are solidified. We have extensively covered community portions of the curriculum and will be moving onto high-level topics such as: history, the development of Taiwan, lifestyle, and government. Each of these topics will inform the children of culture around them as well as the intrinsic mechanics of the world around them.


This month we have looked at speeches and advertising from a reading perspective and begun to understand how persuasive writing provokes the mind. We will continue this in semester 2 as it is a key part of how we should read media and understand the agenda of the things around us. Moving forward, we will look more seriously at some creative writing formats such as letters and memoirs before spending the last part of the year taking on purist formal writing formats such as the essay. I will teach the children to properly construct an argument, provide evidence for it and then explain it.


As the sun sets on semester 1, I am reflecting on the progress of class 4. It has been remarkable to see some of the transformations in this classroom. Several students have become confident and learnt to try their best whilst others have become impressive writers able to take ideas from other sources and use them to shape their own. Every child had taken a huge leap forward and the best is yet to come!