January has represented an exciting and shifting time for the children of class 4A. They have explored new horizons through the quagmire of topics covered in class as well as tackling the intense period of mid-terms and examinations. All the kids have come through the beaten path with more experience, resilience and knowledge. In this way, they have shown tremendous growth and maturity. With the sun setting on this semester, we can look forward to a new day in semester with class 4A armed and ready for the academic year’s second half.


In Science this month, we worked together to complete review exercises in groups as well as taking advantage of class knowledge cooperatively. We played games designed to draw on concepts learned and use conversation as an opportunity to recall key ideas throughout the first semester. As we jump into semester 2 we will be tackling a myriad of more challenging topics including: environment sustainability; climate and meteorology; astrology; basic concepts of physics; and, energy. As we move from out biology focused curriculum, we will become more and more involved in the technical elements of science which will represent a challenging yet rewarding time!


Social Studies has been filled with tough concepts this semester and this was certainly evident in our review. We have had to challenge ourselves to think critically about issues in the world around us and apply them to our class topics. We have tackled these with role plays particularly in commerce related topics. Next semester, we will be diving into history and understanding the development of Taiwan over the years. We will be looking deeper at the differences between lifestyle in the past versus what we experience now and then moving onto government and law. It will be an interesting period for the kids as they will begin to understand how the country around them functions.


In reading and writing we have worked tirelessly to take on new writing formats. This month we have examined speeches and advertising in detail to really understand the techniques people use to be persuasive in their writing. Our ability to read into the text has greatly improved and the class is showing the ability to properly analyze writing at a good level. Next semester, we will look at plays, letters, memoirs and essays. These will be the core of our writing activity and will expose the children to a wide range of literature. Additionally, there will be something for everyone in this mix ensuring that every child will enjoy their writing classes.


As I pull the curtain over semester one’s end, I am feeling positive and enthused about 4A’s progress. If I compare their work and behavior from the beginning of the year to now, I am pleasantly surprised and happy with their progress. In semester 2, I will continue to drive my students to excellence and develop a strong foundation for them to succeed in level 5.