Dear parents, as the first month of English school comes to an end I want to take some time to inform you about what we have been doing so far. The class was off to a great start. We spent some time getting into the routines but by the end of this month everything is already running smoothly. In spelling class the students learned a lot of new words and are able to put them in the context of a sentence they constructed themselves. By doing this, the students are having a good exercise in making a correct sentence and creating a context for a word that they understand. In grammar class we are currently reviewing and enforcing the basic structure of a sentence. We are focusing on making grammatically sound sentences that have a proper action and naming part.


In Science class we have been looking into the needs and abilities of living things. We spent some time to look into the processes that define living things and why all living things need them. We compared non-living and living things by using a Venn diagram. We found out that only certain processes are found back in living things and that we need all of them to be able to speak of a living organism. We also looked into plants and the functions of their different parts. We found out that many parts have multiple functions and we tested this out by doing experiments using the scientific method.


In social studies we looked into groups and what organizes them. We found out that there are many examples of groups in our society and tried to identify some of them. We figured out that all groups need rules and/or rights and they need someone to enforce these rules. We took our examples and applied these questions to see what the rules are and who enforces them. We also started looking into the differences between an urban and suburban area. We applied the Venn diagram technique to have a good idea of the overlapping and differing aspects.


In reading and writing class we started looking into different reading strategies and how to structure a good text with meaningful substance. In writing class we used the reading strategy called “compare and contrast”. We looked into the lives of children and adults to see how they are alike but also how they are different. We did this by applying the previously mentioned Venn diagram technique.



Kind regards,


Teacher Eli