January 2017 – Level 2A



Hello Parents!


The first semester in teaching level 2A has finally come to an end. Although I only started towards the end of the semester, I really feel I have established a great relationship with each and every student and am having such a nice time teaching them!


During week 1 we looked at visiting the doctors and dentists and had some great and fun role-play classes. All the children not only enjoyed the role-plays but I hope and am confident that it reinforced to them how important our health is and how we really need to take care of our body and our teeth. We also visited the hairdressers and each student seemed to take great enjoyment of brushing my hair whilst I wore a blond and black wig!



During week 2 we looked at the supermarket, post offices and also the rules with regards to visiting a library. Our main goal was to show the students how to act in these community places and also to understand the journey a letter makes, particularly if travelling to another country.


Weeks 3 and 4 have been wonderful! As week 4 was a shorter week due to Chinese New Year, we combined the themes and have studied ‘Fairytales’. The aim of this was not just to read the children fairytales, but also to try to get the students to understand the moral aspect that traditional fairytales teach us and how we can relate this to normal life. We had such good fun in the role-plays, such as ‘5 Little Pigs’ and ‘5 Billy Goats Gruff’!


It has been such a fun month and I am really looking forward to continuing teaching Level 2A at Alexander Academy! I sincerely wish you all a very safe and happy New Year holiday!





Teacher Ben