January 2017 – Level 4

Dear Parents,


We spent a considerable amount of time this month preparing for and taking our final exams. The first week of January was spent reviewing our material from the beginning of the year, in a general review. We also discussed the best ways for students to continue their studies at home. During the second week our review became more focused on specific material which would be on the exam.



In Science we began discussing the parts of a plant, how we can group different plants together, and plant life cycles. After plants we moved on to the world of animals. Students discussed animal parts and how they use them, and we reviewed the 5 main animals groups: mammals, reptiles, fish, birds, and amphibians. To conclude, we looked at the life cycles of animals, and how they grow and change at different rates.


Social Studies

In Social Studies we began our review with the world of people. Students were familiarized with what it means to be a family, and also a part of a community. A more difficult concept we discussed was what it means to be a citizen. We talked about rules at home and in the classroom as well as rules and laws we follow in the community, and why these rules are important. Lastly, we reviewed the geographical features of our earth, including the seven continents, and lakes and oceans.

Reading and Writing

Our reading and writing were put on hold for a week to allow students to focus on preparing for their exams. At the beginning of the month students were continuing to read and discuss the sequence of events in “Whistle for Willie”. Students enjoyed making Tr. Carly whistle as none of them are able to! Most recently, in our third week, we have begun reading “Life of a Butterfly”. To connect with this theme of transformation, students will have a creative writing assignment which allows them to write about an imaginary transformation that could take place with their own bodies!



We are finishing up our BBC Earth series, and students have observed the climates and diversity of seasonal forests, as well as the unique habitat of animals in the deep ocean floor. This has helped students to compare and contrast between the habitats of ocean animals we already know of to the habitats of those in much deeper water.


Level 4 has demonstrated a lot of hard work and effort into preparing for their exams. Carrying so many books around is not easy! Their focus has paid off and is reflected in their grades. I’m extremely proud of them.




Teacher Carly