January 2017 – Level 5

Dear Parents,


We spent the majority of this month preparing for and taking our final exams. The first week of January was spent reviewing our material from the beginning of the year, in a general review. We also discussed the best ways for students to continue their studies at home. During the second week our review became more focused on specific material which would be on the exam. I am happy to say all the students exceeded my expectations in all the exams taken..



In Science class we looked at the food pyramid and food classification and had a really fun ‘blind tasting’ experiment. We also started a new unit looking at ‘treasures from Earth’ and discussed how different types of rocks and soils are used for different things.


Social Studies

In Social Studies we began a new unit exploring different occupations and people at work. We also did a case study of George Washington Carver and discussed his impact on society with regards to his breakthrough experiments.

Reading and Writing

Our reading and writing were put on hold for a week to allow students to focus on preparing for their exams. At the beginning of the month students were continuing to put the finishing touches to their creative writing animal stories. In reading we looked at the ‘Ugly Vegetables’ story and discussed its implications,.



We are continuing researching our ‘transport’ theme and the students loved looking at and designing their own rollercoasters. They were really creative with their designs. Now we have moved on to bungee jumping which is very popular with them also!


Level 5 showed how mature and serious they were about their exams and the review process. I am proud of each and every one of them. Hope you all have a very happy New Year break and I am looking forward very much to the new semester!




Teacher Ben