February 2017 – Level 3A


Dear Parents,


I hope you have had a wonderful holiday and I wish you once again a very Happy New Year! This month, we have begun our second semester and welcomed the students back with a short 2 day week filled with stories to share and new academic goals!


During our first week of the month, we reviewed our rules and expectations before discussing our objectives for the rest of the school year. Students showed a great deal of confidence in their abilities and their motivation was inspiring. We went over our classroom routines and students showed that they were ready to begin this new semester!


The following week, we learned about our 5 Senses. Students enjoyed enriching their vocabulary and being able to describe objects, tastes, sounds, scents and textures using their 5 senses. Our weekly science experiment had the students try to trick their brain while smelling and tasting a variety of scents and flavors. Learning about the nervous system was fascinating and it created great discussions in class.


During the third week of the month, we studied Feelings & Emotions and it was once again a great opportunity for the students to enrich their vocabulary. Students learned how to deal with feeling problems and how to resolve conflicts. During our role-play, students used puppets to learn how their behavior can affect others’ feelings and emotions and how they can express their negative emotions. Students showed a great level of empathy and they were able to find solutions to different problems as well as how they can help others.


Last, we moved on to Building & Construction. During our brainstorm, we focus on the materials and tools used in the construction process. Our weekly role-play had us study the entire building process, from finding the site to creating the plans, to laying foundations and building walls. Attached, you will find samples of the students’ written work about their dream building.


As we begun the Second Semester, we have also started working in our new Sight Words books and Reading Textbook. Students were excited and greatly motivated. We also continue to develop stronger Phonics skills and students are now able to read longer texts and stories independently.


Welcome back, L3A!




Teacher Mary