February 2017 – Level 4

Dear Parents,


February was a short month due to the Chinese New Year holiday, although we still managed to get plenty of work done. We spent quite a bit of time reviewing in order to ensure that all students were familiar with the lessons after their holiday. As the start of the second semester, Level 4 is on schedule with where they should be in their books.



We finally moved on from plants and animals to discuss the Earth, mainly how to protect and preserve it. This discussion involved defining natural resources and how we can reduce, reuse, and recycle to help preserve these. Most recently we’ve started to brainstorm and record the different kinds of weather and how to predict when the weather will change and why this is important.


Social Studies

We began this month by reviewing previous units in our Social Studies book. Since we are working ahead of schedule, this allowed us extra time to refocus on what we have already learned, without falling behind in future lessons. Our most recent lesson was that of “Learning About the Past”. Students and I discussed why it is important to learn our family’s history and how to do so.

Reading and Writing

In our Reading class we’re reviewing previous reading skills we’ve learned and practicing applying these to our writing. Such skills include Story Structure, Main Idea and Details, Compare and Contrast, etc. We’ve spent a considerable amount of time learning how to use our “question words” which include the five sense and the five most common questions words: who, what, where, when, why. Students have observed and practiced how to use these words to help us think of more details in our writing.



We’ve ended our BBC Planet Earth series by hearing what experts have to say about protecting our land and the animals’ habitats. Students have seen the disastrous effects that pollution and improper use of our resources can have on the Earth and how this affects our lives. These effects can be seen in rising temperatures, shorter seasons, and rising sea levels. Students learned that when animals lose their habitats they start to intrude upon ours and this can create many problems.


It’s not always easy to transition from a holiday period to a normal school schedule, which is quite a full day for these students. They’ve regained their focus and attention quickly and are back on track to learning.




Teacher Carly