February 2017– Level 4A

Dear Parents,


I hope you have had a wonderful holiday and I wish you once again a very Happy New Year! This month, we have begun our second semester and welcomed the students back with a short 2 day week filled with stories to share and new academic goals! Students seemed ready to take on the new challenges and continue to develop in all areas. I am looking forward to this Second Semester and I am excited to see the students progress in class.



This month in Science, we have studied our Earth. In class, we covered vocabulary such as natural resources, mineral, soil and humus. Students learned what cover our Earth and the different types of soil that there are. As we complete our Chapter, students show a great understanding of the soil’s composition and of the importance of taking care of our natural resources, be it water, air, minerals or soil. Next month, we will focus on ways we can concretely care for our Earth and how we can eliminate pollution.


Social Studies

In Social Studies we continued learning about the World of Work. First, we discussed all kinds of jobs and understood why people have jobs. Students could use what they had learned previously in order to comprehend why people work and how they meet their needs. We learned about all kinds of workers and factories and the goods they produce. Then, we moved on to machines and how food is produce. There is a long way to go between an orange tree and the orange juice we buy at the market, and this applies to everything! Next month, we will be studying a new Unit focusing on how things changed over time. It will be interesting to learn about the past and compare and contrast how things have changed.


Reading and Writing

In Reading classes, we focused on the Story Structure and the important elements of a story. In class, we applied this to both the story we read, The Tree, and the story we wrote, The Shrinking Potion. Students enjoyed writing a fiction story in which they were the main character. Attached you can find a few samples of their stories.



In research class, students learned about Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and Peru. By the end of the month, our study of South America ended and we took a week to review all American countries, from North to South. Next month, we will be studying Europe!


I have nice long weekend and see you in March!




Teacher Mary