February 2017 – Level 5

Dear Parents,


First of all I hope everyone had a wonderful Chinese New Year break. It was great to chat with the students and learn what everyone had got up to during the winter break.


As the month started immediately following the Chinese New Year, week 1 started a little differently to usual as not all the students were back in class as they were still on holiday. Also we only came back to school on Thursday so it was a really short week, meaning we had the opportunity to take part in some different fun activities!



In Science class we explored ‘Treasures from Earth’ which involved some really cool, fun experiments such as geology and making our own fossils. The children actually made some great dinosaur fossils and were able to take them home, so I hope they showed you them for you to discuss. We also looked at different famous scientists and how their inventions had an impact on society. This led to us having a lot of fun playing ‘peanut games’ in the classroom!


Social Studies

In Social Studies we looked at who were the first farmers and why they chose to give up their hunter/gatherer lifestyles. This led to a discussion as to the benefits and negative aspects of each lifestyle.

Reading and Writing

During the reading and writing parts of the week we analyzed the concept of ‘writing to inform’ and also read about ‘Huge Vegetables’. The students were also really interested in learning and reading about super storms and the destruction that they cause.



We are continuing researching our ‘transport’ theme, but this month we have mostly been looking at ‘extreme sports’ which led to some really exciting YouTube videos! Also we have been looking at and writing about the history of snowboarding, which the children really enjoyed


It has been really nice for me to start a new, fresh semester at Alexander Academy and I am really looking forward to the new term. I hope everyone had a lovely long weekend and is feeling suitably refreshed!




Teacher Ben