February 2017 – Level 2A




Hello Parents!



First of all I hope everyone had a wonderful Chinese New Year break. It was great to chat with the students and learn what everyone had got up to during the winter break.


As the month started immediately following the Chinese New Year, week 1 started a little differently to usual as not all the students were back in class as they were still on holiday. Also we only came back to school on Thursday so it was a really short week. The theme was ‘Welcome back!’ and we discussed school and classroom rules and also routines.


Week 2 was our first full week and we explored the very interesting theme of ‘the 5 Senses’. We had so much fun in the roleplays, with the students having to complete various tasks as if they were blind. Also we learnt the deaf sign language alphabet and learnt how to say not just our names in sign language but also some basic sentences!


During week 3 we looked at ‘Feelings and emotions’ and discussed what made us feel a certain way in different situations. We even made finger puppets and acted out a little play. Science was fun too with the children listening to various sounds and discussing how these sounds made us feel.


Week 4 was based around ‘Buildings and construction’. The students constructed buildings using various different materials and then we discussed which materials worked better and why. We also made some tools out of card and acted out visiting a hardware store and purchasing different things we would need to construct a building.


It has been really nice for me to start a new, fresh semester at Alexander Academy and I am really looking forward to the new term. I hope everyone had a lovely long weekend and is feeling suitably refreshed!






Teacher Ben