I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome students and parents alike into the new semester. It has been a great one thus far. Many in class 4 have continued their high effort approach with much enthusiasm and the class is building character day by day. Over the course of this semester, we will be linking key ideas from the first to build stronger knowledge and understand more difficult concepts.


In Science this February, we have looked extensively at two of Earth’s key components: air and water. Our study of air has covered its composition and details of the uses of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and water vapor. We have also carefully examined the pollution of air and drawn conclusions about what makes a hospitable environment. When examining water, we revisited its core uses and identified the ways that water can be polluted. We also took the opportunity to engage in a hands-on practical concerning water wheels and the generation of power through natural means. We have rounded off this month with a hands-on understanding of recycling, reusing and reducing. The children have been able to see the benefits taking plastic products and turning them into convenient household appliances. It has been a diverse and intriguing month for science.


In Social Studies, we first began by examining history as whole and understanding how to read it in the best way. We looked at factors that affect the content of history as well as how history can be lost over time. This fueled the start of our one month project entitled: The history of Taiwan (1450 – Now) and we have covered 400 years thus far. The kids have begun to understand the significance of Taiwan’s geography as well as the influence of foreign powers on the island. Using role play and geographical demonstration, we have taken on the challenge of recognizing the natural outcomes of Taiwan’s location, demographic and culture. We will conclude this project next month with a class timeline!


In reading and writing class, we have spent much time understand Memoirs as a form. We have examined two contrasting texts while using them to bolster critical thinking skills. Using clues from the texts, we have pieced together information about characters that is not so obvious on first read. Taking this as inspiration, the children have written memoirs about a fictional typhoon situation in which they describe events and feelings from the perspective of someone experiencing a great typhoon. It has been an opportunity for kids to really get inside the mind of their characters and practice applying what they have read to their journals.


Overall, January has been an exciting month with a lot of new concepts. As a class, we have been able to keep up the pace from last semester and all the children have been stellar in applying themselves to the curriculum. We have many more engaging projects to come this year and are developing wider thinking in its truest form. I look forward to writing my next newsletter to update on their progress!


Teacher Nick