Welcome back everyone! February was the start of our second semester here at Alexander Academy. Everyone has continued to work towards reaching their English potential and goals. These upcoming months will no doubt be an important time to build and expand skills. February has already begun quite strongly and students have easily maintained focus and enthusiasm.


This month for Science we wrapped up our chapter on healthy foods by surveying other classes at Alexander Academy about their favorite healthy and unhealthy snacks. We then used this data to create our own bar graph charts in order to understand how statistics impact science experiments. For our Social Studies we began looking at economics and systems of production. Students also had the chance to look at why saving money is important by partaking in an activity called Payday. During this activity students experienced paying rent, bills, and other random expenditures (vet bill, dinner outing) in order to understand how easy money can be spent.


In Journal/Writing class our main Writing Project topic was “What Would You Do With 1 Million Dollars (US)?” Students wrote about the top three things they would do with this significant amount of prize money. Many students were quite empathetic and intelligent with how they would spend their money! Some would share their wealth with family members, while others would use an amount to further their education. Some of the important skills for this writing prompt included the addition of more descriptive terms and the usage and expansion of better transitions.


For Grammar/Phonics class students have worked on their speed reading and vocabulary pronunciation. We have also concentrated on verbs and the present continuous. In Reading class, we read “Super Storms”, which gave us more information on weather phenomena. We also used this text to look at qualities of fiction versus nonfiction writing. We continued with the weather theme by reading weather poems, focusing on the usage of onomatopoeia and free verse writing. This will be helpful for our March creative writing weeks, as students have been able to build a stronger understanding of other creative writing and it’s importance in terms of writing skills.


         For Research students wrapped up their poster presentation and presented their findings to the class. We learned about issues concerning the Vaquita in Mexico and other animals who are endangered. We continued looking at the animal kingdom for our most recent project, which is creating a classroom pamphlet with information about animals that are actually extinct. Some of the animals include the Golden Toad and the infamous Dodo bird. Students have been able to brainstorm their paragraph and page layout.


        What a strong start this month has been. There is no doubt that we will continue to have a successful semester full or learning and academic growth!