Dear parents, as the first month of the second semester comes to an end I want to take some time to inform you about what we have been doing so far. We are continuously enforcing a positive learning environment that supports every student in the classroom. In spelling class the students learned a lot of new words and are able to put them in the context of a sentence they constructed themselves. By doing this, the students are having a good exercise in making a correct sentence and creating a context for a word that they understand. In grammar class we have been covering the past tense with helping verbs. The students can now recognize the two different forms of the past simple and apply them to sentences. As there are a lot of exceptions to cover the training of these tenses are never over. We will regularly have exercises covering these tenses and review them on the weekly comprehension reviews.


In Science class we looked into our impact on the environment. We identified the carbon and ecological footprint and measured them by answering a list of questions about our behavior. We learned that four factors influence our ecological footprint. We talked about housing, eating habits, clothing, and transportation. The students were surprised to realize that a single airplane trip can almost double our ecological footprint. Next, we looked into fossils. We learned that fossils are the remains of living things that lived more than 3000 years ago. We identified cast, mold, trace, and true fossils. We learned that even the fossilized waste of dinosaurs can teach us an immense amount about these creatures and their surroundings.


In Social Studies we looked into governments and their importance. We identified five different governments and discussed their pros and cons. We connected this to our research topic and had micro debates to deepen our insights. The students realized that no system is perfect and every type had their potential flaws. The students were very interested in this topic and we will certainly expand on this in the future.


In reading and writing class we tried to convince someone of an opinion. Each student had to take a different standpoint and defend it using sound reasons and examples. They also had to reformulate their reasoning in the last paragraph which proved to be very hard. The students all did a very good job in the end and now.




Kind regards,


Teacher Eli