Hello everyone! We have begun our spring months with a bang! Students have continued to improve on their developing skills. They are more immersed than ever in learning English and I expect a lot of growth in the next two months.


This month in Science class we had a great time looking at the importance of farm foods. In order to understand how much work it is to get items from food to table, we made our own butter. Students worked together to shake their heavy cream and solidify the components. Students also used their habitat knowledge to work in teams and create their own habitat diorama. Students were very creative with what materials they used and how they placed them. This month we also learned about animal defenses and adaptation, which we explored with our experiment using plastic octopi and “black ink” in our makeshift ocean. This helped students understand how octopi use ink as a defense mechanism from predators.


    For Phonics we continued sounding out the difference between short and long vowels. Students looked at how certain letter patterns can help them know if a word uses a long or short vowel (like, bike). Students also continued on their Phonics journey with the letters Mm and Jj and some of their three letter blends.


For Reading class we began a brand new ‘challenge’ called ‘Songbirds’. With Songbirds we aim to bring Phonics and Reading skills together and elaborate on what we might already know. Students have really enjoyed reading the quirky stories, and practicing their pronunciation. The stories have also helped students look at small details in order to have a more comprehensive experience. ‘Top Cat’ and ‘Bob Bug’ have been some of the first stories we read and students did amazingly well analyzing, reading, and understanding them.


Our Role-Plays this month were a fun time. With our themes “Farm Animals” and “Farm Plants” students were able to design their own farm, making sure to create shelter for all the animals. Students also worked together during our “Working on a Farm” role-play, where they had to find all the chicken eggs and care for their plants. Students also role-played going to the pizza shop, which was a great example of how much every student has improved in terms of sentence structure. Everyone was able to order a pizza off the money using a complete sentence and polite vocabulary (thank you, please).


April was a success full of creative activities students truly enjoyed. The months of May and June will no doubt be a continuation of development and skill building. 2A has done a fabulous job!