Emergent Layer

Description: The top of the forest. This region is sunny because only the strongest, tallest trees make it here. This layer can have unsteady branches, making it dangerous.
Animals: monkeys, birds, insects.
Plants: Only the strongest trees reach this level.

Harpy eagle

Scarlet Macaw

Morfo butterfly














Description: Many trees reach this level. The canopy forms a shade for the rest. Because of the leaves, it acts like an umbrella for the lower levels.
Animals: Keel-billed toucan, monkeys, birds, frogs, insects. There are more animals than the emergent layer.
Plants: larger trees, orchids, mosses, ferns… vegetation is abundant


Two-toed sloth











Description: The understory is the area between the canopy and floor. It consists of ferns, shrubs- you name it.
Animals: Bats, monkeys, snakes, lizards, jaguars, and frogs.
Plants: small trees, shrubs, ferns, climbing plants like vines.

Humbling violet-ear (Hummingbirds)


Greater bulldog bat







Forest Floor

Description: This is where new plants grow, along with smaller plants.
Animals: Elephants, mongoose, tapirs, Southern Cassowaries, okapis, armadillos, rainforest pigs and gorillas.
Plants: moss, ferns, ginger. There is very little light here.

Hercules beetle



Leaf-cutter ant