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Emergent Layer Description: The top of the forest. This region is sunny because only the strongest, tallest trees make it here. This layer can have unsteady branches, making it dangerous. Animals: monkeys, birds, insects. Plants: Only the strongest trees reach this level. Harpy eagle Scarlet Macaw [...]

20 10 月, 2017|Evocation, 校刊|


Leaves contain a variety of pigments. In spring and summer the green pigment mask colors of the others. This event is usually triggered by the declining day length and falling temperatures of autumn.The green pigment in leaves is broken down, allowing other colors- yellow, orange, red and brown-to show.  Green [...]

20 10 月, 2017|Evocation, 校刊|


An Experience to Remember Nepal is an isolated country, a mountainous and earthquake-shaken nation. It lies between China and India, and relies heavily on funding and tourism as its only industries. The infrastructure is barely sustainable for its people. It’s what others might consider a “low country”. That’s why I [...]

20 10 月, 2017|Evocation, 校刊|


 2017 Summer camp review 2017暑期全美創客營成功落幕。這個夏天,孩子與外師一起建造超級機器人、創建新國家;有小實驗,也有大創作;有團隊合作,也有個人舞台。無形中提升了美語能力,也形塑孩子思考問題(Thinking)、發揮創意(Creation)與合作解決問題(Collaboration)的未來關鍵能力。 創客營延續艾力美語的教育核心理念:「Shape The Future」,教育是要形塑孩子未來的競爭力。在艾力美語的教學體系中,成長心態(Growth Mindset)是重要的一環。孩子要能享受過程,樂在挑戰,才能不被失敗的恐懼擊垮,找到自己天賦之所在。 創客營中,外師以主題式的教學方式(Thematic Teaching),讓孩子進行專案式學習(Project-Based Learning)。每週孩子用不同角度去了解主題。AI智慧可以做什麼應用?未來還有車子的存在嗎?國家如何組成?大家分組討論,進行定義與歸納;孩子的觀察與思緒,常常超越既有的資料。 在創客營中,孩子不用擔心自己想法天馬行空。誰說MRT車頂不能打開?誰說雨傘不能取代雨衣?面對研究主題中的問題,孩子只需要知道一件事:「放手發揮」。唯有來自孩子自我的創意,才能激發孩子最大的熱情。 當然一個好的創意,要將其中的「意念」傳達出去。如何透過自己的語言,將創意的故事告訴大家?是一場Show、一則廣告,還是一場發表會,不同方式有不同效果。 過程中,孩子們發現,他們必須不斷回顧整個過程:為什麼做、如何做、做了什麼。因為在舞台上,向大家介紹的東西,不再單單是一件勞作;而是他們第一件為社會貢獻創意的驕傲。 【樂在學習,享受成就,更多親子學習相關訊息歡迎加入】  艾力美語~英語翻轉教育 🏫 艾力美語~校園點滴

20 10 月, 2017|Evocation, 校刊|

Growth Mindset

Not Yet vs. Not Ever: A Difference of Mindsets A passion for learning isn’t always an inborn characteristic. Wanting to always seek out new challenges and push yourself to grow is linked to something called a “growth mindset”. This term was coined by Carol Dweck, a professor of psychology at [...]

19 10 月, 2017|Evocation, 校刊|

L1 Tree Frog 09.18-09.22

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