Happy Spring, 2A family and friends. I hope you had plenty of chances to enjoy the nice weather we had in April. In 2A we explored many themes about the great outdoors.


We started the month off we a theme about reptiles and birds. We had a lot of great discussions about the differences between these two animal groups. The students did a great job using complete sentences to compare what parts each animal had. We also had a great role play as the students acted out the life cycle of animals from each group. The students learned to use phrases to express how an animal survives in the wild.


The next week, we moved on to ocean animals. This was a week filled with learning a lot about ocean life. We started by making sure we knew the difference between an ocean and a body of fresh water such as pond, lakes, of rivers. Then we moved on to learn how different the animals that live in the ocean can be. We brainstormed about how animals from the fish group can breathe underwater using gills. However, marine mammals such as whales and dolphins need to come to the surface to breathe through their blowholes. For our weekly role play we visited the movie theater. The students practice purchasing their movie ticket, ordering a drink and some popcorn, and then finding their seats. We watched a short film about ocean life.


The following week we transitioned into animal habitats. We were able to use the ocean as a starting point. From there we were able to brainstorm how different it can be from one place an animal live to another. We learned a lot of new vocabulary as we explored deserts, tundras, forests, and oceans. We had an exciting science lesson where we were able to create a variety of dioramas and use our new vocabulary to discuss the different elements of each habitat. The students did a great job predicting what animal s lived in each habitat.


Lastly, we started a two week combined theme all about farm life. Part one, was all about farm animals. This was a fun week to talk all about some of the students favorite animals. It was a great week for some of the students who are working on building up their comfort level speaking in English. This fun theme resulted in a lot of lively conversations. We also brainstormed why a farmer would choose to have a certain animal on his or her farm.