April was such a great time for Level 3A. We are working quickly through our phonics and sight words books, readying ourselves for the end of the semester show, and continuing our fun theme-based education. We have covered a lot of great themes this month and I am sure that the students have already shared some of their knowledge with you.


Our first theme this month was Reptiles and Birds. The students really enjoyed learning in our Science class about how reptiles need to move around in order to exert external control over their internal body temperatures, something that we have discussed a few more times since then. It really seems that our experience helped that knowledge stick. They also enjoyed pretending to be birds looking for a partner to lay eggs with during role play, and acting out different bird life cycles.


In Ocean Animals week, we talked about all the creatures of the deep, both big and small. The students learned about the negative effects of oil spills and how difficult they are to clean up once the oil is spilled. During role play, they practiced the various methods that sea creatures use to survive, such as swimming in schools, using light to attract prey, and hunting together in groups.


Our next theme was habitats, which offered us an opportunity to review what we learned about forests and oceans and add much more knowledge about other habitats, such as desserts, the taiga, tundra, and wetlands. The students in role play talked about different adaptations that animals have to live in those different places. For Science class, the students practiced their own research skills again and made a poster about a habitat of their choosing.


Our final theme this month was about the farm. After spending a few weeks learning about wild animals and their habitats, we turned our attentions to domesticated animals. We talked all about proper care of farm animals, humane treatment including humane slaughter, and some of the ethical implications of eating meat. We also talked about the various needs of farm animals and how treating them well increases the quality of the products that they produce.


This has been such a great month overall and I am so excited to be working with this enthusiastic group of young learners. Great job, Level 3A!