Hello, family and friends of 4A!

What a busy time of the school year. The students have been taking what they have learned already this year and using it to maximize what can be learned from each new lesson. It has been one of my top priorities to guide the students to become self-learners who always want to learn more.


In Science we finished up the chapter about weather. This chapter provided a perfect learning opportunity for the students to take a topic they were familiar with and build on it. The highlight of this chapter would definitely be taking a very in-depth look at the water cycle. The students did a great job mastering some very difficult vocabulary such as evaporation, transpiration, condensation, and precipitation. We were also able to reflect on the previous topic of photosynthesis and brainstorm how they are connected.


In Social Studies we have also finished up a chapter about history. This was a very long chapter and provided an opportunity to break this huge topic into smaller pieces. As I mentioned last month we started tracing our brainstorm sessions with a large 3 circle Venn Diagram. We had a circle for past, present, and future and an area were each circle can overlap. This allowed us to list parts of culture that may or may not have changed over time. It was exciting to see how the students were able to view the information as a whole to see where we have been, were we are, and were we want to go as a society.


In grammar, reading, and writing the students are doing fantastic. They are really starting to understand how all these areas work together to create a holistic form of communication. This was very interesting considering we had explored the past, present, and future of communication in Social Studies. The students are doing a great job of identifying examples of grammar rules we have been learning as they are reading a text. Even better, the students are getting a lot more comfortable implementing these skills in their own writing. There are two great examples posted this month of how the students have learned to take a main topic and write multiple paragraphs with three details for each paragraph.


Keep up the hard work 4A!