April was a great month in Level 7. In Science we started the unit on matter. In Social Studies we learned about the countries that are neighbors to the United States. We read some great stories and plays in Reading class and the students continued to enjoy writing their journals.



We began our unit on matter with an explanation of atoms and molecules. The students made paper models of water molecules. We continued by learning about how matter is measured and illustrated different methods with a fun guessing game. The first part of the unit ended with an explanation of density. The students took part in a demonstration on how to measure density using different liquids.


Social Studies


In Social Studies this month we started with a lesson on governments. The students learned about different ways people interact with a democratic government. We then learned about America’s neighbors, Canada and Mexico. We ended our month taking about different kinds of schools and thinking about how our dream school would look.


Reading and Writing


Our first story in April was called “Moon Runner”. It was about two friends and the students learned about point of view and perspective in a story. We then read “Harvesting Hope”, which told the real life story of a strike to improve workers’ rights. We discussed how a strike works and why people need to fight for their rights. The last week in April we learned about plays and the students acted out the tea party scene from “Alice in Wonderland”. The students wrote their own scenes from a play. For our writing samples this month we have Henry who wrote a story about three princes who have a problem with money. Jonathan wrote a story about three brothers fighting which shows how friends can make peace.




We spent most of our time in Research class this month writing the script for our End of Year Show. We have a rough draft finished and have started practicing. The students are looking forward to the opportunity to show off their knowledge at the graduation event.