Have you heard your parents say “stop listening to pop junk and listen to classical music?” Next time you do, say this: “The classical music you mean is actually music across 4 centuries, and can’t be coined by one term.” That’ll get them to stop nagging at you- because you demonstrated some knowledge, not because of the smart-alecky comment.


Years (approximate): 1600-1750

Main composers: Bach

Composer’s most famous piece: Christmas Oratorio

Style: Dramatic

Instruments: harpsichord, violoncello da spalla, viola, violin, cello, lute, harp







Years (approximate):1730-1820

Main composers: Mozart

Composer’s most famous piece: The magic flute

Style: light texture, melody clearer

Instruments: Violin, Viola, Double bass, guitar, cello, fortepiano, organ.








Years (approximate): 1780–1910

Main composers: Beethoven/Schubert

Composer’s most famous piece: Moonlight (Beethoven)

Style: Put forth feelings into  music

Instruments: Flute, oboe, saxophone, tuba (percussion and woodwind/brass increased a lot.)



Years (approximate):1890+

Main composers: Schoenberg

Composer’s most famous piece: Chamber Symphony No. 1.

Style: Altered Tones, changing in foundations of music.

Instruments: Electrical instruments, traditional instruments, computers