Summer is coming (if you’re reading in June, then it’s here already!) and there are many thrilling places to go and things you can do. The wide variety of possibilities range from water activities like scuba diving, river tracing, and cold springs to on-land pastimes, like hiking and camping.

Scuba Diving

  • Where: Fulong Beach, Kenting Marine Park, Green Island

Scuba diving is a when you dive underwater and you breathe through oxygen tanks or a tube that leads to the surface. When you go scuba diving, you can see many different colors of fish and depending on the location, even some coral reefs and other unique sea creatures. One location you could go is Kenting.





  • Where: Dongao Beach Camping, Camp Taiwan
  • Activities: Depending on location but popular things include barbecue or campfire, hiking and swimming.


  • Wildlife: You might see the Formosan Black Bear or Taiwan Rock Monkey.

I have gone camping many times. One of the most renown and fun activities- though unfit for younger children- is the campfire activities. You can roast marshmallows and tell stories. You can also play games like capture the flag or touch rugby. As a scout, I have done so, and it is super fun. When playing on uneven terrain, however, be careful!



  • Where: Yangmingshan, Four Beasts Mountains


Hiking is an easy and fun activity to do. All you need is some water, maybe mosquito repellant, and perhaps some snacks in case you get hungry! There are some hikes in very extreme weather or those without a trail, but we aren’t talking about those. The hikes we’re talking about are the kind where there are paths for you to walk on. Occasionally, if you’re lucky, you can find monkeys and other Formosan animals. There is also a variety of flowers, plants, and trees. Keep an eye out for great views and waterfalls!


River Tracing


  • Where: Fuxing District, Pinglin District


“Hiking” up a river, against the flow of the water. When river tracing, one is against the flow of the river. This activity involves strategy- where do you tackle a river so you do not get carried away? Where do you cross? How do you go about climbing the waterfall? Although sometimes dangerous, this activity is fun if planned right.


Going to the Beach


  • Where: Fulong, Waiao (Black sand), Baishawan


Another great activity to do during the summer is to go to the beach. One interesting location is in Fulong, Waiao. Something you could do there is to collect a variety of seashells, build a sandcastle, or play in the ocean. Depending on the type of beach you go to, you can find different amounts of shells. From personal experience, one beach in Kenting was absolutely covered in shells! As for playing in the ocean, there are different activities, like surfing, swimming, or you could just hangout with friends in the water! Additionally, people like watching the sun set at the beach. It turns the sky into a beautiful mixture of orange, red, and yellow and the water can reflect the colors as well.

Natural Springs

Location: Su’ao, Wulai, Beitou

During the summer, you can go to places like Wulai, Beitou or Su’ao for cold springs. The water feels refreshing and cold – perfect for a scorching hot day! The temperatures for the Su’ao cold springs have a temperature of less than 22 degrees Celsius. The water from the springs are clear, colorless, and emit no smell. These types of cold springs are rare and are suitable for bathing and even drinking. At first when you jump in the water, you will feel cold, but after being in the water for a few minutes, your body will start to warm up. A fun fact is that the water from these springs contain high levels of carbon dioxide, so they can also be used for food and beverages like goat-meat stew (a specialty of the Su’ao area) and glass-bead soda.