L4A Newsletter December 2019

Dear parents and students,         December has come and gone.  It was nice to wrap up the year and the decade with Level 4A.   I can’t wait to start the new one with them!         Students wrote brochures for their journal this week.  They decided to write about endangered animals [...]

17 1 月, 2020|校刊|

L5A Newsletter December 2019

Dear Parents and Students, As we fast approach the end of the year and the end of the decade it is time for celebration and also a time for reflection. Having gotten to know Level 5A over the last few months I must say how impressed I’ve been with their [...]

17 1 月, 2020|校刊|

L4 December Newsletter 2019

Dear Parents and Students,         This month has been very eventful! We had the Christmas event as well as a number of birthdays. I’m very impressed with my students and how inquisitive they have become. It’s exciting to see their intellectual curiosity expand as they ask deeper more meaningful questions [...]

17 1 月, 2020|校刊|

L7 December 2019

Dear Families, Level 7 students are already almost halfway through the academic year! Time certainly flies. As a new calendar year begins, students will be asked to consider new academic goals that they will have for the second semester when we come back in February. It is important for students [...]

16 1 月, 2020|校刊|

L6 December 16

L6 December 2019 Dear Parents, In Spelling, the students began the month with a cumulative review of the previous five units that were covered, after which they shifted focus to more challenging rules in English spelling. One such lesson was learning about compound words, especially which words can be used to [...]

16 1 月, 2020|校刊|

L5A December 2019

Dear Parents, As December comes to and end I would like to share some of the topics we covered this month. In Grammar, we finished looking into the different parts of a sentence. We are now able to recognize different parts in any given sentence such as Naming and Action [...]

16 1 月, 2020|校刊|

L4 December 2019

Dear Parents, It has been another excellent month for the Level 4 class! In Spelling, we have been focusing primarily on two letter consonant blends. Students have not only been adding more phonics skills to their repertoire, but also vocabulary words which they can use in their everyday writing. In [...]

16 1 月, 2020|校刊|

L5 December 2019

Dear Parents, In Spelling, the students started off the month with a cumulative review of the previous five lessons covered in November. This review focused on word containing various vowel sounds. The month continued with work on vowel sounds found in words such as ‘joy’ and ‘point’; as well as [...]

16 1 月, 2020|活動|